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Veronica Tatarciuc

Veronica Tatarciuc

Speciality:Holistic Non-Invasive Facial Treatments, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage
Experience:Originally trained in Aesthetics and Massage Therapy in 2011 at Mondostud-Art College, Moldova. In private practice since 2012 undergoing pregnancy massage, manual lymphatic drainage and various massage skills training all within Maldova and again, retrained within the UK from 2017.
City & Guilds diploma in massage | Guild Training International qualification in facial treatments | London School of Massage certificate for massage in pregnancy and labour (an FHT accredited course) | Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

About me

Since a young age, when growing up in Moldova, I alway wanted help people, even my pets, with their aches and pains. I take my own health and wellbeing very seriously, and I knew that I wanted to explore how to heal and sooth the body, working with health in a remedial and holistic way.

I decided to train in massage and holistic therapies to help others learn about their health and wellbeing, and in my experience, their positive outcomes reinforces my belief in the benefits of massage and holistic therapy techniques.

When moving to the UK in 2016, it was necessary for me to retrain in my profession in order to start my own private practice, which I started in 2018.

Calmness combined with massage therapy helps to achieve optimal results. Deep relaxation is central to my practice, allowing my clients to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

I work with adults and young adults, to help with a variety of muscular complaints. I can also provide a more general relaxation or spa-like massage treatment, for those who simply wish to unwind.

What to expect:
For those with specific muscular complaints that require a tailored massage session, the duration of your initial consultation is 30-minutes and is free of charge. The duration of a massage treatment is then 1 hour. Subsequent sessions are also 1 hour in duration.

If your requirements are more to do with relaxation, there will still be a consultation but it will likely take less time.

The treatments I currently offer are:

Advanced Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage – (one hour / 90 minutes depending on requirements) has a number of therapeutic benefits. These benefits can be specific, such as reducing stress and tension in skeletal muscles, as well as to ease and treat tight knots and muscular pain. While therapeutic massage is often relaxing, the goal of the session or series of sessions is to aid muscular discomfort, improve range of movement and reduce pain. Therapeutic massage addresses:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia
  • Headaches
  • Neckpain/Stiffness
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Asthma/congested airways

Pricing: £50 to £75


Swedish Massage – slow deep movements to induce mental and physical relaxation. Incorporating stretching techniques to aid reduction of muscle tension and improve joint mobility.
It is also possible incorporate aromatic oils to enhance treatments for specific requirements of either relaxation or boost your energy levels.

Pricing: £50 to £75


Holistic Facials – (one hour) working with facial muscles and skin with stretching and manipulation techniques, to reinvigorate facial appearance and improve circulation for a fresh and natural glow. The products used are certified natural and organic Neals Yard remedies which allows for tailored treatments pertaining to your skin type. The treatment also works with the neck, shoulders, arms and hands as well as a scalp massage, for a truly holistic experience.

Pricing: £55


Pregnancy Massage – (one hour / 90 minutes depending on requirements) working with mothers after their first trimester, to support them with muscular changes that can lead to aches and pains. This session includes back, arms, hands, neck, legs and feet. There is a choice to include gentle abdominal massage for those who would like it. It is also a great way to relax and relieve stress and there is also the option for post-natal massage, to support your body while adjusting after the birth.

Pricing: £50 to £75


The Winter Warmer – (one hour) focusing on those cold fingers and toes: working with the legs and feet, arms and hands as well as neck and scalp, this one-hour massage uses a combination of energetic movements, hot towels, hand mitts, warming salves and blended oils. Great for encouraging circulation in the hands and feet, this deeply relaxing, feel-good massage is designed to leave you feeling the best you can be in the colder months.

Pricing: £55


Combination treatment – (90 minutes) it is possible to combine any type of massage with a facial treatment. This allows you to enjoy the benefits and luxury of a spa-like treatment.

Pricing: £80

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