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Nutritional Therapy Blog

Keeping Cholesterol in Check

Lowering cholesterol through diet doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by focusing on your own eating habits, before making changes with personalised nutritional advice.

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A New Year

With a New Year comes a big push for a lot of us, to make changes. Positive lifestyle changes, usually… But just how positive are they? I hope you all

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Low GL Snacks and Meals

It’s a tricky task to remember to take pictures of your food… So I apologise for the delay in this post and for the lack of pictures… I’m clearly not

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The Grocery Shop!

Top tips To appreciate low GL foods – substitute your usual potatoes for Sweet Potato Focus of fresh foods to keep the price down and the menu varied Turkey meat

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The Plan – Phase One

To avoid the risk of information overload, the first phase of my nutritional journey is a gentle mix of change in diet and routine, to better my energy levels and

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In the beginning…

Here I am, realising just how little I know about myself… Erin Cunningham of Naked Nutrition has offered to provide me with a course of Nutritional Therapy, as I have

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