The Grocery Shop!

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Top tips

To appreciate low GL foods – substitute your usual potatoes for Sweet Potato

Focus of fresh foods to keep the price down and the menu varied

Turkey meat is lean and full of protein and generally 1/3 cheaper (if not more) than chicken

Substitute Rice for Cauliflower – don’t believe me? Jamie Oliver does it – click here

Make sure your spice cupboard is stocked up at all times, this way you can experiment and make any dish a tasty treat

I have been feeling fantastic this week. Food has become exciting for me again – trying new things, snacking creatively (e.g. peanut butter on celery, oatcakes with hummus and cucumber)

And a benefit that isn’t necessarily health related (although could be argued as stress relieving)… this grocery shop, that will feed us for the week, was under £30!

I think I could get used to this…

Have you top tips for creating healthy meals? How much on average do you spend on food a week and do you think it’s over priced?

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  1. Sara Hursey
    10 hours ago

    Be very interested to hear what you do with the ingredients to make them into a meal. Good luck x


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