Mindful Planting Workshop in May

Join us for the first mindful planting workshop on Monday 9 May at 10:30am. This workshop is the wonderful creation of Chantal Dawson who has just moved to the county of Suffolk. Chantal’s attention to detail and approach to planting is informative and stress-free.

We’re a firm believer in power of plants: their life and beauty can inspire, and the art of potting and nurturing can instil mindfulness and purpose.

During this fun, relaxing workshop, you will have the opportunity to choose which rooted indoor plant you’d like to plant and learn some interesting facts about it, you’ll mix your own soil components together and plant your plant ready for its new home. The cost per person is £20 which includes the following:

– Plant cuttings of choice
– Coco coir pot
– Terracotta pot
– Measured out soil components to mix together
– Paint and paint brushes to paint your terracotta pot (optional)
– Plant info cards to help you to care for your plant
– A fun, guided workshop full of indoor plant hints & tips

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available.

Please contact Chantal directly for information on the details in flyer above and we hope to see you there! Please do let us know if you might be interested in a workshop in the future too as an evening workshop is also a possibility.

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