Feel the warmth

Feel the warmth

Autumn is in the air! As the nights gently draw in and the weather cools down, soon we will see leaves turn to earthy golden colours. If you’re missing the heat already, if the rain is getting you down or you feel the cold easily, we have a number of treatments and services available to help you stay warm and well.

The Winter Warmer with Veronica

Focusing on those cold fingers and toes: working with legs and feet, arms and hands as well as neck and scalp, this one-hour massage uses a combination of energetic movements, hot towels, hand mitts, warming salves and blended oils. Great for encouraging circulation in the hands and feet, this deeply relaxing, feel-good massage is designed to leave you feeling the best you can be in the colder months.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £60 (first session 10% off)

Hot Stone Reflexology with Charmaine

Using the theory and principles of traditional reflexology, hot stone reflexology offers a deeply relaxing treatment that is able to penetrate the various points in the feet and stimulating significant benefits for clients. Generally speaking, if an area of the body is suffering from inflammation, tension or congestion the corresponding reflex points in the feet will be sensitive when pressure is applied. With the use of warming balms and hot stones, this is a great way to apply gentle therapeutic heat during a session of reflexology.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £45

Feel the warmthGet Moving with Jade

Chronic conditions can be harder to manage when the weather moves to the autumn and winter months. Personal exercise plans that focus on health goals and wellbeing can be hard to come by, especially when living with a chronic health condition. Jade works on a one-to-one basis with people diagnosed with chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Increase movement, strength and form to energise and keep warm this winter.

Duration: variable
Price: £45 per 60 minute session (discounted if purchased as part of a package. Package prices start from £130 based on 4x45min sessions)

Seasonal Acupuncture with Mark

Traditional Acupuncture addresses imbalances in the body’s ‘Qi’ which is loosely translated to ‘vital energy’. It acknowledges our external environment as well as our personal health and the seasons are integral to traditional acupuncture principles.

Checking in with your health physically and mentally each season is a holistic preparation that helps us to embrace our environment. Traditional Acupuncture supports this process through holistic consultation, treatment and advice.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £50  
(seasonal package of 4 sessions: to be used quarterly throughout the year, are priced at £175 – saving £25)

While wintery scenes and cosy nights are something to look forward to, the cold can exacerbate joint and muscle pains or have an adverse effect on blood pressure and circulation. And although daily life may not drastically change between seasons, the darker days can particularly effect mood, supress energy and dampen motivations.
So, if you’d like to try any of the sessions listed above so you’re winter-ready, call us on 01359 408 011.